Proper Sissy Attitude

Proper Sissy Attitude

It is now time to check your testosterone-driven male-posturing at the door. It is inappropriate and under no circumstance, to be tolerated. Your journey to sissyhood will begin with instruction in accepting and embracing your feminine personality. You can spend as much money as you want on surgeries, hair, cosmetics, clothing, and accessories, but all that cannot take you all the way to true femininity. These things might make you look and feel feminine, but they are not the whole story as the world sees it. Femininity is a lot more than the ‘facade’. It includes who you are and how you express yourself in everyday situations. It includes how you carry yourself, how you move, how you communicate, and how you relate to others, plus how you represent your Owner in front of guests. Nothing in the world can ‘buy’ this for you. You have to work to develop it.

Being a true sissy is combining one’s inner feelings with one’s outer appearance. Allowing one’s self to be softer, kinder, and perhaps even vulnerable at times, while also being more nurturing and loving. It also means letting go of your male strength, which is controlling, aggressive, or competitive, and accepting that you have these cravings and feelings to be a sissy for a reason! Nature has a very precise pecking order to all things, and through your life experiences you have come to understand that you are inferior, and as such a sissy by nature’s standards. Often We see a struggle with many sissies as they go back and forth between what they know is their true place and what they feel society expects of them. They simply have not accepted the submissive sissy within because so much of their focus is only on the outside appearance. As such, when dressed en femme, they come across more like a man in a dress or, even worse, a totally narcissistic cross-dresser, and no one wishes even to have a relationship with them. Now don’t get Us wrong. We strongly believe in working on the outer appearance, such as mannerisms, body, makeup, hair and voice… yet there is so much more to enjoy about being a true sissy. To solely focus on your outer image is to ignore the most glorious part of the truly feminine sissy experience: To let go of the expectations and responsibilities of being a man. A man who has probably failed at being a real man, and to embrace your real nature of being a sissy who’s only focus is on pleasing her Owner. Life is simple! Look the part, take pride in your position, be the complete sissy you were destined to be, and do as you are told… that is all you will be responsible for! This is often hardest for the heterosexual cross-dressers who occasionally have a passion for being a sissy. There tends to be struggle of emotions within. We often tell sissies to love, embrace, forgive, and accept the softer, gentler part of their soul, a part they have so often hidden due to guilt.

Remember, you should try to achieve a cleansing, not a purging, of your true inner self. We hear from many sissies about how hard it is for them to forgive themselves for wanting to be a sissy. As difficult as it may seem for you, perhaps forgiveness could be the beginning of that cleansing. You must realize that everyone has a purpose and your purpose is as an inferior sissy maid, placed here by nature to serve those born to lead. There is no guilt here, there is only freedom in accepting your place, and pride in wanting to be good at your work.

For most of you, your feelings of submission date back to childhood. Have you ever wondered why? Could it be that you truly were born to serve? Next you need to realize that there are Women out there are seeking a sissy. In fact there is a large and growing demand!!! The first place you will look is within the listings of the Fem Domme Society personals section. Granted many dominant Women seeking a sissy are not looking to insert a sissy into the role of life partner. They are instead seeking a servant, a “Female aware” slave that makes Their lives easier on many levels. This arrangement goes beyond the definitions of a typical Dom/sub relationship as We discussed in Sub University. The focus will be much deeper on the Woman and all things feminine.

So how do you prepare yourself mentally to be the best sissy servant possible? What traits will set you apart from other sissies wanting to find a dominant Owner? What traits will your Wife or Girlfriend want to see that will make Her want you as a sissy? Think about this…. What would you want in a servant? Proper attitude! This can be defined as the following:

1. Completely accepts his sissy inferior role, never questioning the directions of his Owner. Furthermore coming to terms with the simple fact that he is an extension of his Owner, with the sole purpose of making his Owner’s life easier!

2. Approaches his sissy role with enthusiasm and excitement, has a very positive outlook. You must show that you are eager to please, that you know what a gift and privilege it is to serve a Woman or Couple.

3. Takes great pride in the work performed. In the smallest details a sissy is sending a signal to his Mistress of how much he wants to please Her. A clean tub, the towels hung just right. Music playing and a glass of wine waiting at the right minute when She returns.

4. Takes great pride in a perfect sissy appearance. We will discuss this in detail in Freshman 3, but from an attitude stand point a good sissy strives to improve her appearance and mannerisms to the Benefit of her Owner on daily basis.